Broad Goals


  • To provide knowledge, training and skills through effective facilitation.
  • To publicize knowledge.
  • To stimulate economic growth.
  • To help reduce poverty and unemployment.
  • To empower the nation.
  • To attract, develop and retain professional trainers and facilitators.
  • To promote capacity building.
  • To provide an enabling environment for students and clients to learn.
  • To facilitate productivity improvement in private and public organizations.
  • To support our communities through business clinics, start up and business growth programmes.
  • To promote entrepreneurship development.
  • To conduct research and consistently develop new and innovative ways to deliver accelerated learning programs, workshops and other skills transfer channels on a practical level.
  • Provide accelerated business, management and entrepreneurial training and mentorship programs in a practical setting.

Individuals who wish to empower themselves with the necessary business skills required to make an impact in today’s competitive workplace, have a vast choice of eLearning courses, locally and internationally compiled.

Any one of our eLearning courses may be converted into in-house based training workshops. For corporate organizations’ who wish to equip their staff with the expertise and vital skills to leave their competition in the dust, we are able to develop and deliver customised and industry-specific training programmes tailored to your needs. Find out more or contact us for a detailed proposal suited to your specific needs.